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LibrarySMS - As Simple As it Gets...

Welcome to LibrarySMS - a simple and effective way to add text messaging communication to your existing library reference service. There is nothing to install or maintain and the service works within your existing process - this eliminates the need for training as users access the service using existing and familiar email applications. You can use LibrarySMS to:

  • Receive questions from your patrons which they send from their mobile phones.

  • Send replies to your patrons from email and have them delivered on their mobile phones

  • Remind library users when the books they ordered are available

  • Remind patrons of late returns/fines

  • Create unlimited number of mobile groups (for example reading club, author night, special events) and send mass messages to any group

To start you need to open a new messaging account and, upon completion, purchase one of the service plans. If you are using QuestPoint for your library communication, the last step is to enter the username and password of your messaging account into your QuestPoint software.

For further assistance, or call us at 16046877433