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To use LibrarySMS you need to have an account with our service. To open a new account please click here. It is free to open and try the service.

Once you have an account, you need to decide if you will use a dedicated number or a shared short code. Based on your requirements, we can setup your account so that you can test. You can also reach us at (604) 687-7433 for more information

LibrarySMS is provided as a service - there are no downloads or other technical requirements on your part. Your patrons interact with the service using their phones and text messages. Your library will be issued a number to which your patrons can send text messages with their requests. Your staff interacts with the service using online interface provided with your account or using any email client. There are several typical use scenarios:

  • Library reference service - a patron sends a question to your library using her cell phone. Our service accepts the message and makes it available to one or more of your staff through an on-line account and as email. Your staff can then perform requested action and answer the question. The question is sent to the requester's mobile phone
  • Group management - you can create special mobile groups and allow patrons to become members by signing up from their mobile phones. You can send group alerts to all current subscribers
  • Reminders - You can send reminders and late notices to your patrons
One message can have up to 160 characters.

We offer several types of monthly subscription. Please see details here

LibrarySMS assigns a number and one or more keywords for your use. For example, if you are using shared short code, your number will be 77777 and keywords may be LIB1 or LIBRARY1. You can select your keywords as per your requirements. You then promote the use of the service through banners, web site and other means and invite your patrons to" "Text LIB1 Your question  to 77777  to make library refernce request". When such message is sent from a cell phone, LibrarySMS will accept it and direct to your account. It can also forward this message to one or more email addresses. The message arrives to your email where you can read it, complete the request and send the answer back, just like you are sending a normal email message. LibrarySMS converts this email into SMS and sends it to the cell phone.

Short code we use is 77777. It is a 5-digit number to which people can send text messages. At the start of the text message, they must indicate a keyword followed by a space (for example LIB1 Where was Terry Fox born?). When we receive a text message such as this, our service will direct it to the account of the library which registered keyword LIB1.

Long code, also called VirtualSMS, is a 10-digit number. It can be shared - in which case, it works exactly as the short code described above - inbound messages must start with your keyword in order for the message to arrive to your account. Long code can also be dedicated. In that case, a number is assigned to your account (it is not shared) and any message that arrives to it is directed to your Inbox (and email).

Unfortunately, you will not receive this message. Your patron will get a generic message suggesting that the message is missing a keyword.
Standard carrier charges apply. This means that when sending a message, a user of the service will be charged standard messaging fee as outlined in his/her cellular contract with his/her telephone company.